What is Consultleague?

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Consultleague consists of highly experienced and senior consultants who provide distribution and manufacturing operations design services. We plan, design, and implement highly effective warehousing and distribution center designs for leading companies worldwide. We provide our clients competitive advantage through the selection, development, and implementation of best-in-class supply chain solutions and manufacturing operations.

Our operations management consulting services have successfully undertaken a great variety of projects. These include supply chain management consulting using a proven step by step process, supply chain implementation, lean manufacturing development, warehouse expansion, distribution center design, eCommerce order fulfillment services development (internal and third party) and eCommerce supply chain strategy, business management consulting services, and many other challenges.

Clients include retail, wholesale, consumer product and durable goods manufacturers.
Projects range from large green-field facilities equipped with highly automated materials handling systems and fully integrated warehouse management systems to warehouse layout efforts.

Path 1: Lower My Costs

Identify cost drivers, area / scale of opportunity, potential savings and budgets and timelines.

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Path 2: Improve My Performance

Quality, responsiveness, inventory/space utilization or other operating vectors. Identify, quantify, improve

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Path 3: Expand My Capability

Capacity, eCommerce, changing customer demands or other need. From concept to operation

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Consultleague ... Consultants and Colleagues

What is in a name?

For more than 25 years Consultleague's principals have been helping their clients win in the competitive marketplace. Our focus is upon operating companies that manufacture and/or distribute products. We have helped clients implement leading supply chain execution systems, lean manufacturing operations, total quality management tools and cultures and cost and service effective warehouse and distribution operations.

Consultleague has had the privilege to work with a very diverse set of companies. Our clients range from Fortune 50 behemoths to family businesses. Manufacturing clients are in diverse industries including automotive (1st, 2nd and 3rd tier), aerospace, food, electronics, chemical, semiconductor, capital goods (electronics, petroleum, chemical and others), and consumer goods.

Manufacturing projects have included new process development and implementation, capacity expansion, implementing supplier-hub for lean inventory systems, lean manufacturing techniques and processes, out-sourcing (both domestic and international), and manufacturing postponement systems.

Distribution clients include apparel, footwear, furniture, automotive after-market, food, pharmaceutical, medical products, consumer goods, electronics and semiconductor. Distribution projects have met the challenges of wholesale distribution, retail distribution, eCommerce fulfillment services and supply chain strategy, and multi-channel operations.

Distribution / logistics projects include distribution center planning, design, process design, and layout, materials handling systems design, storage and retrieval systems design, sortation systems design, control systems architecture, warehouse management systems selection, warehouse management systems implementation, pipeline value add capability and field merge systems, and others.

We have successfully delivered projects for third party logistics firms and for third party manufacturing companies.

We have been successful establishing and nurturing design-build relationships between our clients and key construction companies, capital good suppliers and systems suppliers. However, we rigorously maintain our independence. As your consultant, we are dedicated to provide planning, design and implementation services with the highest caliber talent that are closely matched to your needs. We are committed to simplify your life, reduce your risk, and ensure success.