Leo Mulvehill

Leo Mulvehill

Leo has over 25 years experience in industry. A degreed Industrial Engineer, his interests, career experiences and accomplishments have earned him recognition as a leader in operations performance improvement.

Leo formed Mulvehill and Associates in July 1998 and joined the Consultleague group of professionals at the same time. Since forming this firm, Leo has developed an impressive group of clients - many of which are now repeat clients. These include Dell, Exel Logistics, Compaq, HP, Ryobi and Symbol Technologies among others.

Projects delivered for these clients cover an array of topics but share a common theme - they have all been operations oriented and focused on supply chain leadership. The bulk of this effort has been in warehousing and distribution operations for inbound, outbound and reverse logistics.

One of the world's largest third party logistics services firms recently engaged Leo's services to project manage their transition to a new warehouse management system for their largest US client. In addition to existing outbound warehousing and order fulfillment processes, this client was expanding their services to the inbound materials operations. The inbound materials are both purchased finished goods and manufacturing raw materials. Therefore, the effort included establishing new facilities, consolidating procurement activities, logistics pipelines, processes and procedures in conjunction with the WMS systems change.

To make this project even more challenging, the client's customer was being acquired by a competitor during this time period.

Leo's performance in the role of project manager kept team members (across all the various corporate boundaries) focused upon the task at hand instead of fixating on the changing corporate backdrop. The project was delivered on schedule and has met all financial objectives. (Details and reference contacts can be supplied upon request.)

Leo's breadth of experience makes it impractical to include relevant synopses of all his professional experience. Upon description of a potential client's area(s) of opportunity, Consultleague will evaluate the fit of these experiences and demonstrated skills and provide project details and reference contacts as desired and available.

Prior to forming his own firm, Leo was Director of Finance - Manufacturing Strategy and New Product Introduction for Compaq. Leo was also responsible for the DEC merger integration plans where he rationalized factory capabilities, supply requirements, corporate tax strategy, impending technology changes, and competitive forces. These efforts delivered over $30m of savings by re-balancing corporate assets and selling unneeded holdings.

Leo's initial position with Compaq was Corporate Controller - Logistics. He was responsible for $1.1b in logistics and related spending and the goals and measurements of Corporate Inventory performance. During Leo's tenure, the Inventory turns tripled, and the Logistics spending as a percent of Revenue was reduced by 1.5%.

Prior to joining Compaq Leo spent a decade in Europe, living in Munich Germany, Nijmegen Netherlands and Galway Ireland holding a variety of positions. Leo standardized seventeen country sales/fulfillment processes and a deployed a common set of tools. He was also responsible for the review and valuation of the logistics operations of acquired companies. He assumed line responsibility of DEC's SME acquisition, integrating the acquired European logistics assets, reducing labor requirements by 50% and warehousing facilities by 30%.

Leo has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University with major in Industrial Management, graduating in December of 1976 with honors.

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