Robert Ramirez

Robert Ramirez

Bob is a Certified Safety and Health Manager with twenty-eight years in a wide variety of Safety engineering, engineering management, operations management and environmental management in the U.S. and in Latin America before becoming a consultant in 1998. His professional roles have spanned defense, high-tech electronics, medium-tech electro-mechanical industries and consumer products.

Bob's experience includes a role as project manager in the successful de-commissioning of a printed circuit facility at a large (540,000 square foot) manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This was the first such de-commissioning in Arizona. The process he developed and the project documentation kept has become a model recommended by the EPA for de-commissioning of sites that have hazardous materials. He provided a variety of Environmental Engineering services to Hughes Aircraft in Newport Beach. His work was in classified R&D, developing procedures for working with hazardous materials. Robert also provided similar services to the Rockwell B1 Division, developing processes for the production of the wing carry-through and the crew capsule. As part of his career development, Robert worked as the Corporate Workers Compensation Administrator for Hughes for one year.

Environmental health and safety are a vital part of larger business issues. Bob has demonstrated his ability to look at the bigger picture when he was assigned as the Project Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation's AXP computer systems. In this role he participated in product design, then developed and implemented the world wide manufacturing strategy. The resultant designs and processes have been recognized for their leadership in "DFX" (Design For; manufacturing, assembly, test and service) as well as being environmentally sound. He implemented a dynamic team structure, empowering a large group of experts to effectively participate in the design process. The world wide manufacturing strategy for this product brings together capabilities from the U.S., Mexico, the Far East and Europe. This project came on line 3 weeks sooner than the projected 24-month schedule.

Bob successfully transitioned the manufacture of the Alpha AXP workstation to Mexico. This effort includes the extension of electronics assembly capability to include this product's fine-line surface mount requirement with associated electronics waste handling. Making high-tech manufacturing happen successfully in Mexico requires capabilities spanning product design, process design, transportation, facilities, project planning, cultural awareness and language skills in addition to the myriad of details involved in a new plant start-up.

Prior experiences equipped Bob to provide this leadership. A key experience was the greenfield start up of a manufacturing plant in interior Mexico. He was responsible for staffing all technical positions and establishing the plant infrastructure--human and physical. For this effort he conceived and executed staff development plans, including the creation of an extended, Spanish based tutorial.

Bob is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish. He has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Long Beach and has completed additional studies at Cal State Los Angeles. Robert has also been granted a Los Angeles teaching certificate. He is a member of IEEE, SME, IPICS and AIIE. He has spoken and delivered papers at conferences sponsored by these organizations. He has also been a regular speaker for the Costa Rica Government, Department of Insurance, The Association of Environmental Health and Safety Professionals, Republica Dominicana, The Chilean Mining School, and the Ecuadorian Health and Safety Engineers organization.

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