William M. Angell

William M. Angell

Bill has over forty five years experience in design engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and management including nearly twenty five years in his own management consulting business. His assignments have spanned defense, high-tech electronics, electro-mechanical, automotive, retail, process control and basic industries. His consulting practice concentrates process improvement using the design of material and information systems to solve real problems with low cost, low risk solutions.

Bill's understanding of process problems began with the design of a computer and an electromechanical system to solve a real time inspection problem. This evolved into the world's first automatic profiling machine capable of directly producing NC tapes. Since that time, the effective integration of machines, systems and people have become a hallmark of his design solutions.

Understanding the culture of a company is the key to the successful solution of any problem. With knowledge of the people and goals of the company, it is possible to correct process problems with simple, cost effective solutions. Involving all affected personnel in the solution insures acceptance.

Process control extends into many industries. Considering the supply chain as a process control system has enabled enlightened solutions to manufacturing, warehouse and distribution problems. Many industries experienced significant quality and cost improvement as a result of Bill's process control systems.

Project experience ranges from the small office systems through the project management of several major Navy facilities and numerous automated warehouse and distribution facilities. As the lead control engineer, he was responsible for the design and specification of the Distribution Control System for the Army's Eastern Distribution Center at New Cumberland Army Depot. Recent projects resulted in the successful implementation of WMS software, redefinition of the business processes to improve efficiency and a continuous batch process control system.

Before starting W.M.Angell & Associates in 1983, Bill held a variety of management positions at Industrial Nucleonics, SPS Automated Systems and Clay Bernard Systems International, Ltd. As Systems Manager - Process Industries at Industrial Nucleonics, he was responsible for the development of a highly successful family of process control systems for a variety of continuous sheet processes. As Manager, Project Management at SPS, he was responsible for Government Sales, Project Management, Field Service and Installation activities. During this period, SPS successfully installed government commercial automated warehouse systems valued at $46 MM.

Bill holds a BEE degree from the University of Minnesota and an MSEE degree from the University of Akron. Graduate course work in Business Administration at Ohio State University and a variety of seminars are part of a personal continuing education program. Teaching at The University of Akron and lectures at a variety of SME, IEEE, ISA seminars are also part of a personal growth program. As Past Chairman of the APMHC (Association of Professional Material Handling Consultants) and an active member of IMC (Institute of Management Consultants), Bill continues to emphasize the importance of ethics and continuing education in the consulting profession.

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