Client Comments

From the Director of Accounts for a global third party logistics company
“This letter is to thank you for the extra effort and continuing high quality results we’ve received from you and your team. As usual, you and your Consultleague team came through for us in support of our latest client project. Your effort culminated in an excellent presentation last week that left our client asking for more of our services and eager to continue the design effort. It is always our desire to demonstrate added values and to present our customer with fresh ideas and forward thinking. Your team consistently supports us in pushing the envelope of creativity in the supply chain space. As always it was a personal pleasure working with you again and I eagerly anticipate future projects that will allow further collaboration between our teams.”
From the Director of Distribution at a large dry-food distribution company
“… the abilities and deep experience of the Consultleague team has been unmatched in our experienced. Coupled with the fact that this team went end-to-end, I am certain that your contributions were central to the resounding success of these initiatives.”
From the (new) VP of Logistics for a large apparel company
“… seeing the efforts that you put in and the challenges of this complex project I am sure that I would have pulled my hair out! Is that what happened to yours? I like my new job and my hair. The next time we undertake the change in order fulfillment process I will call again. You’ve already lost most of your hair and I can always use another promotion!”
From the Distibution Center Manager at an electronics distribution center
“… everyone else was an expert in fulfillment or in postponement. The group you assembled was the only one with years of experience in both functions. … … When things got shaky at start-up, the ability to diagnose the real problem and not get caught up in ‘witch hunts’ kept everyone focused and that’s why we succeeded. …”
From the Operations Manager at an automotive parts distribution center
“… you guys got us the funding and made sure we delivered the results we promised. The folks on the DC floor got whiplash when you dropped the suits and jumped into jeans to make this work. Not bad for a bunch of old guys!”