Consultleague principals have been offering ad-hoc consulting services to clients throughout North America and Europe since 1980. Clients comprise diverse segments of the distribution and manufacturing industry. Through over a thousand large and small projects experience, skills and knowledge have been earned, an effective process for the delivery of these services has been developed and honed and a storehouse of industry data has been accumulated.

This experience has identified the demand for two service regimens. Time pressure existent into today’s competitive environment creates the demand for Consultleague “Paths”. These consulting templates are built for speed. They are shaped to provide information vital to management when rapid decision making is required – solving the speed versus risk equation. Consultleague can help clients make key decisions in a timely fashion to set budgets, staffing plans, react to competitive or other pressures. We have defined three areas for this effort including Path 1. Reduce CostsPath 2. Improve Performance and Path 3. Expand Capability.

When key decisions have been made, Consultleague provides services whose completion not only provides the information but builds a foundation of consensus for successful implementation. Consulting services cannot provide their full return until the successful implementation of their recommendations. We recognize that the manner of our efforts can be just as critical as the quality of our analysis and recommendations. The processes that we employ contribute to your success.

They use a time-tested and proven process …

This time-tested, proven three-phase process covers the gamut from data collection and analysis; business goal clarification; multiple solution synthesis, analysis, evaluation and selection; implementation preparation (suppliers, facilities, etc.) and planning; implementation and start up and full production support. The experiences of Consultleague can be applied to any of these activities or can span from business goal identification to business goal achievement.

This process specifically seeks to identify mini projects, a.k.a. “quick hitters”, that provide maximum return with minimum investment, time or risk. The implementations of “quick hitters” assure they are visible, implemented and accrue benefits as early as possible. They create an atmosphere of confidence and enthusiasm that is vital to change.

… applied by a team with experience and skills matched to the task …

Consultleague typically operates in a “project team” approach. Individuals with appropriate backgrounds are assembled under a project leader to provide a team custom matched to a client’s needs. Effectively meeting the demands of the diverse clients which Consultleague serves in today’s dynamic business and technological environments make it impractical for any organization to keep recognized experts in all areas. Consultleague has avoided this limitation by adopting a portfolio approach, providing an extensive network of individuals and firms – each with specialized expertise to bring to distribution or manufacturing. Successful delivery of the project remains with the Consultleague project manager who provides a single point of control and tight coordination of this team.

… supported by an extensive pool of data and information …

These teams draw upon a data base that has been developed over the last twenty years. This data base provides information on the best current and evolving practices and is used as a source of ideas and a means of evaluating alternatives. Consultleague lives the commitment to search out all relevant information and provide quantitative evaluation of strategic and tactical alternatives by the personnel best suited to the task. This ensures project risk is minimized and that implementation will be quick, efficient and effective.

… provide the optimum solution and DELIVER COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.