Supply Chain Management Consulting

Establishing an effective supply chain requires commitment across the corporation. Therefore, its objectives and benefits cannot be phrased as RFID, EDI or other such tools. The objectives and benefits must be corporate measures such as product life cycles, new product development, revenues, margins, compliance requirements, competitive advantage and similar. Consultleague Principals can help you clearly show the linkages between your supply chain efforts and corporate measures. Let us help you build the business case to accelerate your efforts. Contact us at to get started.

Supply chain management consulting and planning includes those business processes that plan for and manage supply and demand across the entire supply chain. Our services facilitate effective supply chain management, planning, implementation, and operational management which are key to improving a company’s overall performance. We provide the situation and competitive evaluations, network analyses and development of network optimization strategies. We then develop the strategies including the design of processes and facilities and the identification, evaluation and selection of the necessary systems. We provide the project management services to implement these supplier agreements, business processes, facilities and systems.

Consultleague supply chain management consulting services have a key difference. Our difference is the means and manner in which we accomplish these tasks. Consultleague Principals have been there … in your shoes. One of the characteristics of each Consultleague Principal is a track record in operations. We also bring the academic and services credentials – but that is not our “center of gravity”. Moving supply chain efforts from theory to reality requires an overall blueprint but is accomplished link by link. The challenges are organized into manageable elements, justified, sequenced and implemented. Typically, each link is self-funding and extends capabilities to enable the next.

Experience shows that the benefits of a well designed and implemented supply chain management strategy is substantial. Successfully implemented projects have provided benefits such as:

  • A reduction of transportation, warehousing and distribution costs of more than half.
  • Reductions in customer order lead times (40-70%).
  • Improved responsiveness to demand change.
  • Improved customer order fill rates, accuracies and services.
  • Expanded service offering at minimal costs.
  • Reduction in excess and obsolete inventory and associated costs.
  • Compressed new product introduction cycles (40% reduction).
  • Improved productivity of procurement operations.
  • Improved quality of products and services.

Consultleague is known for down-to-earth application of technology to achieve targeted business objectives such as reducing inventory costs, optimizing resources and improving customer service levels. Other benefits, which are unique to each client, also accrue during the implementation. Cumulatively, these benefits build to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our consulting services are centered on key supply chain management processes:

  • Supply planning – relationships, strategies and processes
  • Forecasting and demand management – policies and tools
  • Inventory management and materials planning – facilities, systems and resources
  • Production scheduling – optimizing, communicating and coordinating
  • Linkages between each of the above processes
  • Measurement, deviation root-cause analysis and feedback for each of the above processes and linkages

Our method defines the high-return process areas, the interdependencies and prerequisites for each link in the supply chain. Based upon this information we help our clients identify constraints and justify and prioritize efforts and rapidly establish supply commitments. We focus across the supply chain (a tight customer / supplier loop).

Our process provides a “no-surprises” connection with corporate management. The necessary analyses and modeling are presented clearly and concisely. The manageable elements of this step-by-step process are sequenced, justified and scheduled. Milestones, budgets, timelines and impacts are documented and regularly reported against. This approach minimizes risk and assures that efforts are continually evaluated against the business’ dynamic environment. To get further information on how we can be of assistance with our supply chain management consulting services, please contact us at