Consultleague is committed to assure that it’s clients derive maximum return and competitive advantage from every investment. The realization of this commitment requires a disciplined, effective and thorough process. The experience gained during hundreds of projects have been distilled into a three phase process. Each phase contains clearly defined elements and deliverables and has proven its ability to adapt to diverse project needs. The use of this process provides multiple advantages.

The clear definition of the phases and steps assures that everyone is aware of the timeline and deliverables. Our clients know what work is being done, when it will be complete and the required deliverables at each milestone. Client organizations clearly understand what they must accomplish, when and why. Consultleague members can be brought into a project when their skills and talents are required and be immediately effective as they are familiar with the process and already understand the context of their assignments.

The three phases of this proven process are: the Planning Phase, the Design Phase and the Implementation Phase. Each phase has discrete deliverables which assure the project team provides full feedback to the client organization. Consultleague’s primary focus throughout, is to look beyond technical specifications to make sure the targeted business goals are achieved.

Our experience has proven that the use of this phased approach provides simplified solutions and, as a co-product of simplification, control. Early establishment of clear objectives, adherence to the disciplines to conceive and evaluate multiple options and rigorous, frequent review optimizes plans. This process results in the use of operationally proven components in unique configurations to capture the first generation benefits of technology with second generation risk.

Consultleague personnel are a repository of hundreds of years of experience. The experience and skill of these resources have been honed over hundreds of successful projects. Their combined experience has been distilled into a process that works. Consultleague can assemble a team of professionals with skills tailored to the needs of your project, who can apply this proven process to deliver upon our commitment of maximum return and help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage.