Implementation Phase

The implementation phase includes the detail design of all sub components, installation and implementation of the Whole Solution–the project. This phase may optionally delineate the integration of the human/machine interfaces with the future operating environment.

  1. Initial Detail Design. This step documents the specific implementation plan and may verify the simulation model and data if required. Detailed test plans and acceptance criteria are developed for use at final acceptance and inclusion in the purchase orders.
  2. Purchase Requirements. These requirements are negotiated and purchase orders are issued to the selected vendor(s).
  3. Final Detail Design. This step completes the operating policies and procedures, addresses the non standard/custom integration requirements and finalizes the design of the applications software and machine controls.
  4. Education and Training Plans. These plans, documentation and training materials are put in place and participants are selected and scheduled.
  5. Implementation. Implementation phase originates with the first installation of the changes to the facility. Unit testing of both off-the-shelf and non-standard components is succeeded by ever larger sub systems tests of the machine controls, communications and applications software systems. This brings the project on-line in a phased, controlled manner and assures infantile failures and design flaws are identified, isolated and remedied. The completion of this step is when an integration test of the whole solution is performed jointly by Consultleague and the vendor(s).
  6. Final Acceptance. Final acceptance testing is performed with the client, Consultleague and the vendor(s). The implementation is commissioned to the client and written acceptance from the client is received.