Quick Study

The pace of business and the magnitude of daily challenges require your organization to move quickly. To support this imperative Consultleague has developed processes that can accelerate the change process. However, speed is not the only objective… there is nothing slower that moving at high speed in the wrong direction!

Therefore, we have defined a quick study Path to help you rapidly identify the highest priority actions, the costs and the benefits. Often completed within 8 weeks, study costs are minimized. The area of the quick study is directed by your knowledge of the organization’s challenges. We will conduct a focused set of interviews and data collection. We will follow a proven methodology for the analysis of these data. Using the data we will generate, compare, select and recommend the optimum of alternative courses of action. The quick study will deliver then deliver the recommended actions, associated budgets, anticipated benefits and overall timelines.

These studies have spawned a wide variety of outcomes. Some studies identified relatively minor adjustments / investments that met critical needs in a few months. These included rearrangement of storage facilities to optimize cubic utilization; conducting an inventory analysis that positioned high-velocity materials for improved accessibility, a new layout of a processing workstation and similar actions.

Other studies identified and justified the need for much more extensive efforts. These have included the construction of large green-field facilities equipped with highly automated materials handling systems and fully integrated warehouse management systems; the establishment of a supplier-hub to feed lean manufacturing operations; the return to in-house distribution operations from third parties after distribution was identified as a critical source of competitive differentiation; and the out-sourcing of fulfillment operations as internal operations were shown to provide a lower return than alternative uses of management and capital.