Path 1: Reduce Costs

When reduction in costs becomes an imperative, Consultleague offers its clients this “quick study” template. This provides our clients a path to move quickly, aggressively and precisely. This engagement will deliver critical information on the identity of the cost drivers, the alternative actions that can be taken to impact them, a comparative evaluation of these alternatives, a recommended course of action and the associated budget, schedules, risks and required resources … in a timely fashion. The compressed time frame also limits the required investment and risks for the quick study itself.


Cost pressures can come from any compass point. Our experience has developed a variety of tools to dissect your operations and identify the dependencies. We perform sensitivity analysis that takes historical information and projects it into a variety of alternative futures. This can inform your decision process as to where to allocate your resources and where you must take action to control your risks.

The following is a typical implementation of the “Path 1: Lower my costs” template. (Note that the specifics will be adjusted after the initial meeting to adapt to your specific situation.) This graphic depicts the steps typical in Path 1 and an anticipated elapsed period of 6 weeks once the teams have been assembled.

Consultleague would like to support your needs to expand your capabilities. “Path 1: Lower my costs” is a service template that provides maximum benefit while limiting the cost and equipping you to move rapidly, confidently and efficiently. If you would like to get started (or only to get more information) please enter your contact information here or contact us by email at