Path 3: Expand Capability

The definition of capability can be varied. It may indicate throughput capacity, addition of new process requirements when a company decides to add eCommerce capability, the movement of new products into an existing operation, increasing demands from retail channels for “mark for store”, the addition of labeling that explodes the number of products offered or many others. Often a company’s operations are asked to implement these changes to capability in a compressed time-frame.

Consultleague has developed a “quick-study” template to meet this challenge called “Path 3: Expand my capability”. An expansion to capability is rarely a straight-forward task. Every process has limits. When changes are made in one area to meet the augmented capability does the overall system deliver the required expanded capabilities? Or do the changes just shift the bottleneck to a different point in the process? In most instances this is a very complicated analysis and is impacted by the heuristics of the marketplace (mixes, volumes, lead-times, etc.) Consultleague Principals have met these challenges many times … successfully. These experiences have been distilled into a process tailored to meet these challenges … and this process is built for speed.

The following is a typical implementation of the “Path 3: Expand my capability” template. (Note that the specifics will be adjusted after the initial meeting to adapt to your specific situation.) This graphic depicts the steps typical in Path 3 and an anticipated elapsed period of 6 weeks once the teams have been assembled.

Consultleague would like to support your needs to expand your capabilities. “Path 3: Expand my capability” is a service template that provides maximum benefit while limiting the cost and equipping you to move rapidly, confidently and efficiently. If you would like to get started (or only to get more information) please enter your contact information here or contact us by email at